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Our Principles 

EaglePointe was founded to bring our middle-market clients the high levels of quality work, service and attention typically reserved for larger clients. Our senior partners and professionals are devoted to key principles that drive how we conduct our business every day. These principles are:


Each engagement is led by a senior partner. 

Case in Pointe: Each and every engagement is always led by a Managing Partner and staffed by a team of professionals.


Highly-collaborative, team player focused on results. 

Case in Pointe: Our clients are everything to us. Our primary goals are to: deliver our work timely, execute our work at the highest level of quality and deliver results that meet or exceed the goals, objectives and interests of our clients.

Trusted Advisers

Relationships built on trust, confidentially & integrity. 

Case in Pointe: Every Board of Directors, CEO and CFO have a vision, it's EaglePointe's objective to help them realize that vision, achieve their objectives and build long-term value in the process. In summation, all of this cannot be accomplished without having an trusted adviser by your side. 


Unbiased, independent advice and free of conflicts of interest. 

Case in Pointe: We are an independent boutique financial advisory and consulting firm that is unencumbered with by bureaucracy, politics and any conflicts of interests that would prevent us from delivering unbiased advice.